Vacancy Private Tutor Part TimeĀ The Jakarta Tutors

male student with a teacher in classroom


  1. University student S1/S2
  2. Passion to teach and work with children or student
  3. Good in one of the subjects
  4. Good communication and lesson delivery skills
  5. English active is a must
  6. Honest, Easy Going, Dynamic, Patient, and Dedicated Person
  7. Having Good Commitment, Discipline, and Responsible

Tutoring Subjects:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Biology
  5. Science Combined
  6. Science
  7. Social Study
  8. Computer
  9. Accounting
  10. Economics
  11. Business Study
  12. Commerce
  13. English
  14. French
  15. German
  16. Chinese
  17. Bahasa Indonesia

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Example: Math/UI/Math/Jakarta Barat

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